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Click on the image above for the ASCII version.

To correctly view the collections of ASCII/ANSI Art stored here you must install a proper viewer. The easiest/best/cheapest program is ACiD View for Windows that you can download below.
If you still want to surf ASCII-Art with a web browser consider the use of Mozilla Firefox because it handles ASCII-Art far better than Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can download Firefox clicking on the orange button on the bottom of this page.

What this site is about:

  • Information about ASCII/ANSI/Warez Art Scene

  • Repository and Search Engine for ASCII/ANSI/Warez art

  • ASCII/ANSI Viewer Software (freeware)

  • ACiD View v6.1 for Windows - Multiformat Image Viewer
  • Description: The first Windows-based viewer for the artscene.
    This highly innovative program is capable of displaying ANSI, ASCII, ADF, BIN, GIF, JPEG, PNG & XBIN with additional supported formats underway.
    Features include modem emulator to simulate the feel of viewing text across a dial-up connection, 80x25 & 80x50 aspect ratios, "VGA-mode" down scaling of ANSI text and much more!

    ASCII/ANSI Art Collections

  • ASCII Art Search Engine 1.00
  • You can retrieve the original sources of the indexed documents using the URLs listed in the "Art Sources & Useful Links" above.

    Ascii Art Essential Wikipedia Links:

  • ASCII Art
  • ANSI Art
  • .NFO
  • Computer Art Scene
  • Demoscene
  • Bulletin board system
  • Warez

  • Ascii Art Sources & Useful Links:

  • (Ascii Art Dictionary by Andreas Freise)
  • (Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection)
  • (Joan Stark's Ascii Art Gallery)
  • (ACiD Artpacks)
  • (Official Homepage of Roy/SAC)
  • (Artpacks Mirror by


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