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<html>Date: Mon, 09 Jan 95 14:01:31 GMT

From: "Lisa E. Loewy" <>

This an Italian style rice dish made with arborio rice, a short fat (almost round) grain of rice. Preparation, while in no way difficult, does require attention. You will be stirring almost the whole time. The final product is a creamy rice, almost a savory rice pudding.

1 part arborio rice (I buy it at Williams Sonoma but I work there) No need to rinse.
3 parts hot liquid (I use veggie stock from Fresh Fields, a local "good for you" grocery)
whatever you like to use for sauteing (a spritz of Pam and some crushed garlic)

Saute the rice over a medium to high heat until translucent. Add one half a cup or so of the stock and stir. Reduce
heat to somewhere between medium and low. The stock will absorb into the rice. When absorbed, add another half cup or so of stock and continue stirring. keep stirring and adding stock. The whole process takes twenty to thirty minutes.

I usually throw in a cup of frozen veggies when the rice is almost done (corn and peas are good) for texture. My boss adds mushrooms. Also good.

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