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      Unbelievable Fruit Salad
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Serving Size : 6 Preparation Time :0:00
Categories : Salads Fruits
  Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method

  4 sm Cans mandarin oranges
  4 md Cans pineapple tidbits
  2 Cup Seedless grapes (washed)
  4 sm Hershey candy bars (orig.
Recipe said 5 cent size but
Now use reg. size not mini)
  2 Pint Cool whip or whipped cream
  2 Pint Sour cream
  4 Package Frozen blueberries dry pack
Or use:
4 pints fresh blueberries

Drain canned fruit. Grate chocolate bars and set aside. Combine whipped cream with sour cream. Fold in fruit and chocolate and serve immediately. Note. All fruit except blueberries if frozen, can be combined and chilled overnight. You can then assemble just prior to serving. Makes 6-8 generious servings. This can also be served as a light dessert. Source: Ester Yoell 1965, from Dottie Theriault's collection

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