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The real Cappuccino is made of:

  • 30% of Espresso Coffee at 80°C
  • 70% of Milk Cream at 65-70°C
With milk cream we mean a thick, compact layer of frothed milk.
The milk cream must last long without losing its compactness.

How to prepare a cup of cappuccino with a traditional machine
Before starting to prepare cappuccino all the necessary equipment must be available. The same rules apply both for the types of espresso at the bar as well as in the home. The machine must reach the correct pressure of 9 atm and a temperature of between 88° and 92° C.

Have ready a round ceramic cappuccino cup with a handle and a 18/10 stainless steel jug with a capacity of 0,75 liters. The conical jug should have a base which is narrower than the body; this feature facilitates the whipping up of the cream froth. Into the jug pour about 30 centiliters of milk. Discharge the water which has formed in the steam spout and then plunge the spout into the same jug taking care to put this latter into a position at and angle of 45° to its inside and 2 centimeters away from the sides.

The jug is held in the right hand and slightly tilted towards the operator so as to check that is happening inside.
The spout should be completely immersed in the milk. The steam cock is slowly opened until brought almost to maximum pressure. When the milk creates a vortex, the barman should stay in the same position. The milk, in the first phase, has bubbles and foam on the surface which gradually disappear to allow the whipped milk to come up to the top. The position is held for about 10 seconds. To regulate it count slowly from one to ten.
At this point the jug should be replaced in a vertical position at the same time keeping spout in the cream. The steam supply cock is closed and only than can the spout come out of the jug.

This precaution avoids the undesirable escape of the puff of steam which would flatten the cream.
A normal dose of coffee is prepared in the cup, and the cream is poured onto it.
The operation is carried out gently, leaning the spout of the jug on the edge of the cup, with a light movement of the wrist the cream is made to slide down into the cup until it is filled. The cream should remain just below the lip and not go above it.

At this point the cappuccino is ready.

How to prepare a cup of cappuccino with a traditional machine equipped with cappuccino system

  • grind the espresso beans;
  • put the right dose of ground coffee into the filter;
  • push the cappuccino button: the machine takes the fresh milk directly from the refrigerating unit, heats it and froths it automatically to pour it into the cup, along with espresso coffee, in the correct proportion.

How to prepare a cup of cappuccino with a super-automatic machine

  • Choose the cappuccino selection: in few seconds the machine automatically prepares a perfect cappuccino.
In fact, by simply pushing a button the coffee beans are taken from the hopper, measured, ground and infused; the fresh milk is directly taken from the refrigerating unit, heated, frothed and poured into the cup along with the espresso coffee according to the programmed doses.

source: Cimbali website

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