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You can test our punk & dirty by running Multiplayer in Minecraft Beta and putting "" instead of an IP(update: whitelist ON, you need to request access first)

My HQ under costruction :)


Anything here is from the old SUN FIRE V120, still runnable but temporary on a rest :)
Most anything as been converted including all the snipsnap sites offers a stylish and free email/web redirection service, a collection of copyright free resources and additional content developed specifically for

Email redirection

Il servizio di ridirezione email e' ancora disponibile. Se vuoi avere il tuo che ridireziona sulla tua email privata mandami una email qui specificando il nick voluto e la tua email.

Coming soon

Site Remaking


Here a list of the current projects under development:

ascii-art is dedicated to the ASCII/ANSI Art
ASCII-SEARCH is my ASCII Art search engine
LYRICS-SEARCH is my Lyrics search engine
blog provides free blogs for friends such as the community
carpicam shows a webcam of the city of Carpi (Italy)
food is a free repository of recipes and document related to the art of cooking
FOOD-SEARCH is my FOOD & Recipes documents search engine
thailand provides information related to art/food/travelling in Thailand
laos provides information related to art/food/travelling in Laos PDR
psp provides technical information for the SONY Playstation Portable (PSP)
italy provides information related to art/food/travelling in Italy
books is a free repository of selected ebooks
girlfrombar is girlfrombar page
sms is a free service to send SMS to mobile phones around the world
zen is a ZEN documents repository
streetart is a Street ART and Graffiti repository
sabai is about funny jokes and video from Asia
trading is about candlestick trading
photolab is my digital photography repository
home is the home blog
lost4 is the Lost 4 TV show site
sc2 is the Starcraft 2 repository site

STREET Collections

Street Art
megaman mosaic
Old School
old school

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