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FAKE Sony 4GB memory stick DUO

I bought a "cheap" 4GB memorystick on EBAY and it resulted to be a FAKED ONE and even worst, NOT WORKING (only the first 1 GB is usable, the rest is corrupted data). I post this page hoping to help others to reflect before buying cheap sticks online. I made some research and on the bottom you will find some links to pages discussing the same subject.

It was advertised as:

  • EBAY Item Description

  • Get professional quality digital storage for your compact digital device with the MSX-M4GN High Speed Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media from Sony. With an total storage capacity of 4 gigabyte and an available capacity of 4,000 MB, it is ideal for capturing high resolution digital photos and high quality video. Its high speed feature allows it to read and write data at speeds up to 80 megabits per second on enabled devices

    The MSX-M4GN is backwards compatible with most devices that use standard Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media2. It can be used with an adaptor and it can even be used with most products that support Memory Stick PRO™ media2. It even supports and expanded operating temperature range of -13° F to 185° Fahrenheit, making it the perfect media choice regardless of weather conditions.

    * 4GB maximum storage capacity with 4,000 MB available
    * Designed to support read and write speeds of 80 Mbps on high speed enabled devices
    * Operating temperature range of -13° F to 185° F allows increased durability
    * Backwards compatible with devices that use Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media
    * Optional adaptor allows compatibility with Memory Stick PRO™ media enabled device
    * Compact, lightweight, and very portablex

    * Total Storage Capacity: 4 GB
    * Available Storage Capacity: 4,000 MB
    * Interface: 10-pin Serial Memory Stick® Interface and 4-pin Parallel
    * Power Consumption (Parallel): 100 MA (Max.)
    * Power Consumption (Serial): 65 MA (Max.)
    * Maximum Read Speed: 80 Mbps
    * Maximum Write Speed: 80 Mbps
    * Weight (Approx.): 0.0714oz (2g)
    * Operating Temperature: -13° - 185° F (-10.56° - 85° C)
    * Included Accessories: Storage Case

  • EBAY Item Term and Condition

  • We value our customers. To ensure the smoothest transactions already experience by many of our customers, please review our policy carefully.
    - Shipping Information is final and not subject to change.
    - Please ensure the delivery time fits your schedule before bidding.
    - Only PAYPAL payment will be accepted. Please check your Paypal account status before bidding and NO CHECK and NO MONEY ORDER.
    - All of our items are Brand New and Never Used. To provide a efficient warranty service, the package could be opened for inspection and implantation of our company sticker.
    - A "XXXXXX" sticker is implanted on the back of the memory card or other items. Please do not remove it or exchange warranty will be voided.
    - Defective product will be offered exchange. Please allow a maximum of 7 working days for our full product inspection after we receive the return item.
    - Postage for return items, in any situation, is at buyer's cost.
    - Payment is required to complete within 5 days after end of auction. EBay dispute will be filed and may affect your rating if payment is not submitted on time.
    - All of your question will be answered timely via email. Please contact us at XXXXXX.

  • What i received instead

  • A clearly FAKED SONY 4GB, with a FAKED package with FAKED sealing dots and FAKED low quality printed text.The package wasn't heat-sealed as with original SONY's, a very weak movement opened it immediately (as usually reported on forums for faked sticks).
    The SONY memory stick Operating instructions in the package is probably original SONY but printed in 2004 (in 2004 the 4GB memorystick was not even on the market!) and for models SONY MSX-256/MSX-512/MSX-1G, not for M4GN as advertised!!!
    Once formatted the Memory Stick has free space of 3957 MB, however data get corrupted after the first 1GB is transferred to it, the other 3 GB transferred become corrupted and unusable data

  • What I want now

  • I now want a REFUND from the seller since the product is not working and not as described on EBAY
    The memory stick can still be used as a 1GB one but the price paid is too high for such model, so I request the 75% of the price paid as refund or 100% returning back the product
    Please inform me about how to be refunded or if I have to leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK (linking to this page in the comments) on ebay and start a DISPUTE

  • First message with complaints sent to the seller

  • Sent the 24th September 2006, waiting reply:
    I received the 4GB stick but IT IS FAKE AND IT DOES NOT WORK (only 1GB works, the rest is corrupted). I WANT TO BE REFUNDED VIA PAYPAL IMMEDIATLY, otherwise i will give you a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK and start DISPUTE on EBAY.
    If I am refunded I will give you POSITIVE FEEDBACK, I hope everything will end good.
    Here a website with all the story, I will link it to my feedback if not refunded:
    PS: don't even try to reply that the stick I received is only defective, it is clearly a FAKED one so it is no point to substitute it!


  • here some photos of what I received

  • You can click on the thumbnails to zoom the images and you will notice the low quality of the faked memorystick and package! See also the Operating Instructions from the 2004 models and the very small "faked" heat-seals!!!!
    Faked 4GB SONY Memory Stick
    bought on ebay

    P1080121 P1080124 P1080125 P1080127 P1080128

  • here some photos of an original SONY memorystick package

  • Just compare the heat-sealing and you will see they are quite larger then the ones in the package I received, also the prints are of higher quality, the hologram is different and the pictures are in a different order

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