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Progetti artistici dedicati ai punkabbestia

Ho iniziato a cercare su internet tutte le manifestazione artistiche dedicate o legate ai punkabbestia!

La prima artista che e' trovato e' Giuliana Cuneaz
Giuliana Cuneaz was born in Aosta in 1959. She is living and working in Milan. Graduated to the Turin Fine Arts Academy, she created her first video experimentations as from the beginning of the 90 years. During the same period, she exhibited in some Italian and international public and private spaces. She took a part to the Video-forms Festival in 1991, 1993 and 1996.

Punkabbestia e' un progetto del 2003
My artistic quest sound as a parallel way to the anthropological world made of deserted spaces, spaces of freedom and spaces of mind. The research on the group dynamics led to realize a new video on the Punkabbestia which consists of a basic help to grasp this social phenomenon that is not yet entirely known.
The Punkabbestia and their faithful dogs live on charity within the gang and take the archaic sense of life back in the inhuman metropolis.

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