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USA decided to commission a new roadshow to promote manufacturing USA brands in CHina for the SE ASian market. They decided to get pitches for the production of the road show from 3 countries: Thailand, Singapore and China.

The Singaporean guy was first, and said $1m USD, based on an extensive logistics study that revealed ways to produce the roadshow out of MDF, using the latest in laser inkjet printing and sourcing local talent. The Americans were well impressed.

The Chinese guy was next, and said he could do it for $500k USD, based on cheap labour, loss leading and no margin. He said he wanted the work, to develop a relationship and expertise with the roadshow type of work. The Americans then turned to the Thai contractor...

The Thai bidder said "2.5m USD"

When asked why are you so much more than the other two bidders, the answer came as follows: "1m for you, 1m for me, and we get the Chinese guy to do it"

source: thaivisa

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